The Different Methods of Key Duplication

Key duplication means making extra copies of keys so that more than one person can open a lock. In OKlahoma City (OKC), there are good locksmiths like OKC Locksmith Services who can help with this.

The Different Methods of Key Duplication
  1. Cutting Keys the Regular Way: Locksmiths in OKC have a way to make copies of keys called “key cutting.” They carefully follow the shape of the original key on a blank key. Then a machine cuts the new key to be just like the original. This is a usual and correct way to copy keys.
  1. Using Lasers to Cut Keys: Some Locksmiths in OKC use lasers to make copies of keys. Lasers are special lights that can make really exact copies. This is helpful for keys with designs that are tricky or detailed.
  1. Copying Keys with Codes: Certain keys have special codes on them. Locksmiths can use these codes to make accurate copies. This happens a lot with car keys and other keys that have to be just right.
  1. Making Copies of Smart Keys: Thanks to new technology, locksmiths can copy smart keys and transponder keys. These keys have tiny parts that talk to locks. Clever locksmiths can make copies that work just like the original.
  1. Using 3D Printing: Nowadays, there’s a modern way to copy keys. It’s called 3D printing. They use a computer to make a perfect copy of the key. It’s not used as much, but it shows how technology helps with copying keys.
  1. Copying Master Keys: Some keys are special and can open lots of locks in one place. Locksmiths who are really good, like the ones at OKC Locksmith Services, can copy these keys and make sure they work with all the locks they’re supposed to.
  1. Copying Remote Keys: Keys that work with cars and electronic locks can be copied too. The skilled locksmiths can copy the signal the key sends to the lock, so the copy works just like the real thing.
  1. Copying Super-Safe Keys: Keys that keep things very safe, often used in stores and big places, have special designs. Locksmiths who know a lot about super-safe locks, like those at OKC Locksmith Services, can make copies of these keys really well.

When you need more keys in OKlahoma City, it’s smart to pick a locksmith you can trust, like OKC Locksmith Services. They know a lot about different keys and how to copy them correctly. Whether it’s a normal key, a smart key, or a super-safe key, these locksmiths can make copies that work perfectly. This way, you can get into your stuff without a problem.